Plasma Spheres 3D is a multiplayer action game where each player pilots their own bouncing sphere through a bizarre 3D world. Players must navigate perilous cliffs and avoid devious traps to defeat their opponents. A full physics engine with particle effects makes for unpredictable battles. A myriad of weapons, items, and courses make for a nearly limitless array of game play styles and multiplayer experiences.

Download Plasma Spheres 3D v1.4.0 Here!

Over 60 levels (and counting!) are available to play in the full version. They include a 24 course single player campaign to collect the lost pulselings, and multiplayer specific courses split into different game play style categories.

Course styles include:

Deathmatch - Traditional shoot 'em up style course, with all the weapons, items, and ammo needed for a valiant battle.

Arena - Close quarters, high confrontation battles with nowhere to hide.

Race - Race to be the first to complete 5 laps. If you die, you start your current lap over.

Bounce Off - Weapons take a back seat as players try to bounce each other off the course.

To further extend the possibilities, each game can be set up with different rules to tune the game play to present different challenges. Players can use the items they find as conservatively or as aggressively as they see fit. Precisely launch mortars at your target, or swamp them with a barrage of clustering starfire grenades. The plasma (ammo) from your weapons and items persists for a period and bounces around to terrorize your enemies. You are immune to the plasma from your primary weapon, but the plasma from your mines, grenades, and mortars is deadly to all. As players form different strategies, emergent game play styles can develop on their own!

Several challenging race courses are also included. Players must race to the finish line without being killed by the other racers or their traps. Different races from precarious routes perched above lava to dark, twisty corridors are available.

The most unique game play style of all is the Bounce Off! These courses offer limited or no weapons, but instead rely on keen driving skills to knock the other player off the course to their death. Nothing beats the satisfaction of watching your opponent plummet to their demise!

You can check out the many items available in the game here.