Plasma Spheres 2 is a retro arcade game where players navigate a bouncing sphere through a bizarre, alien world.

In the campaign, players must defend their territory against wave after wave of enemies that will rain down from above or spawn from portals that slowly open up as the level progresses. Collect coins to purchase power ups and minions to come fight on your side. Defeat enemies and complete quests to gain experience and level up. Each time you level up you gain skill points that can be used to purchase permanent upgrades to your sphere.

In battle mode, a myriad of weapons, items, and objectives make for a nearly limitless array of multiplayer fun. A full physics engine with tractor beams, gravity mines, rockets, bombs, and particle effects makes for exciting, unpredictable battles. Game modes include Deathmatch, Point Match, Tag, King Of The Hill, Pulseling Rescue, and Last Sphere Standing.