The Earthen open BETA is now available for download.

Earthen is a hybrid real-time/turn-based strategy game (HRTS) where all players take their turns simultaneously. Real-time interaction and combat can occur between multiple players during the same turn. PvP attacks are regulated by an optional "action timer" that prevents players from spamming attacks. Even after you are done your turn, you can continue to use your remaining movement and attacks to react to other players' actions. Once all players have finished their turns, all action points and attacks are reset and the next turn is started.

Earthen is played over the Internet with the client software connecting up to a central, managed server. A single player can join multiple games, but they can only realistically play one multiplayer game at a time. As the player defeats their enemy's units, they earn experience and gain levels. As they raise in level, more skills and abilities will be unlocked for the player's units. This experience is saved with the player and is carried over to other current and future games they play. Additionally, there are single player and co-opperative missions the player can complete to earn special items and enhancements for their units that can be carried over from game to game.

Download the BETA here.