• Plasma Spheres 3D PC
    A older, 3D version of the Plasma Spheres game. Uses OpenGL and runs on the PC.
  • Earthen
    A networked, client/server strategy game.
  • Plasma Spheres 2 PC
    A crazy arcade action game with pulselings, sphereoids, and wobblers. Includes fully functional multiplayer with different modes including races. Has been upgraded to run with DirectX.
  • Classic RPG Project
    A classic tile-based RPG that was previously under development. Alpha release download available, editor included. (Win32, DirectX)
  • Diamond
    A basic boulder dash clone. Includes a few extra elements and an editor. Runs under WinXP, but requires DOSBox for sound.
  • R.E.S.C.U.E.
    Side scrolling rescue the colonists arcade game. (16-bit DOS)
  • Cyber Arena
    Multiplayer Cyborg BBS door game. (16-bit DOS)